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Yen-Hsun Lu spits dummy at Cincinnati Masters

19 八月, 2010

Give me a break … Yen-Hsun Lu of Taipei argues with the chair umpire over when he should be able to take a medical time out during his match against Lleyton Hewitt. Source: AFP



19 八月, 2010指考國英佳作.htm





6 八月, 2010

楊舒涵指考英文作文19.9分(Smell)全文(2010-07-20 中國時報)

在你的記憶中,哪一種氣味(smell)最讓你難忘?請寫一篇英文作文,文長至少120 字。文分兩段,第一段描述你在何種情境中聞到這種氣味,以及你初聞這種氣味時的感受,第二段描述這個氣味至今仍令你難忘的理由。
The most unforgettable smell I have ever come across is that of durians. I remember when I was ten, my family and I visited our relatives in Indonesia .

Yani Tseng interview after capturing the 2010 Ricoh Womens British Open Championship

6 八月, 2010

Wow! Why is her English so impressively remarkable? Hopefully, all my students can follow in her footsteps.

Yani Tseng wins Women’s British Open:
Tseng is the youngest woman golfer to capture three majors. Her previous wins came in the 2008 LPGA Championship and the Kraft Nabisco Championship in March this year.