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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Assignment 2)

25 九月, 2009


1. What is your favorite Chinese/English love song?

2. After listening to the following classic love song, please share with me whether you love it or not and the reasons why you love it or hate it.



Morrissey—“America Is Not The World”

12 九月, 2009


Introduction to American Authority and Globalization:

全球化 = 一律化 = 美國化?


1. Before listening to this song, please share with me how you feel about America. What’s your first impression of American cultures?

2. After listening to this song, is your impression changed to some extent? Why?

In the following are the lyrics and the music of “America Is Not The World"  by Morrissey:

(Please click on the following URL to listen to this song)


Lily Allen’s Fu– You!(Please answer the following two questions!)

5 九月, 2009


If you’d like to check out her music video, please click on the following URL for her Youtube video clip!

Questions for Discussion: (Please leave your messages!)

1. Since the theme for this week’s class concerns authority (霸權), please think about what authoritative power Lily tries to criticize (批評) in the lyrics.

2. Who is the addressee (you) in the lyrics? Please try to associate “you" with one of the American personalities. Why does Lily want to despise “you" like what’s depicted in the lyrics? Please explain!


Green, green grass of home(“青青故園草”).

2 九月, 2009

The following lyrics and their translation are for your reference if you’d like to delve into the profound meaning of the song. BTW, on condition that you’d love to watch a youtube clip about the MTV of “Green, Green, Grass of Home,"please click on the following URL to check it out!